Monday, March 31, 2008

Kubla Kate

In San Joaquin did Kubla Kate
Her sovereign diocese decree:
Where Lamb, her stooge, did navigate
Through canons meaningless to state
- Down to a Sonless See.
No legal rules can thus withstand
Their will and lawyers they have at hand.
And there were graying men with modern views
Perfumed by many an incense-bearing priest.
And here was jargon wooden as the pews
Spoken but saying nothing in the least.
- But see ! their hearts' desire by what is treasured
- Through plans they make with pseudo-canon cover:
- A power play ! unholy and unmeasured
- Like an addict's raving 'till at last he's pleasured
- This mitered matron serves her demon-lover!
- And from this Schism, with ceaseless propaganda,
- To say this anal hamster were a panda,
- A thinly veiled and pointed threat was sent
- To dioceses that still will not repent
- Of stubborn clinging to the ancient ways,
- Rejecting all the godly gifts of gays.
- That orthodoxy shall not be permitted
- That to exclusive Truth is still committed.
- “We'll deal with them before they try to leave.
- Ere they try to change their constitution
- They'll be stopped by this final solution.
- For we'll not back down on what we believe.”
- And midst her triumph Kubla Kate dismissed
- The protests of some fools who did insist
- To be the San Joaquin SC.
- That they resigned, they denied.
- To all their claimed authority
- “That's been settled”, she replied.
It was a ruthless scheme of rare device!
Her faithless diocese was oh so N.I.C.E. !
- Apostate with a rainbow cap
- On her head that looked like crap,
- In Zion did she take a stroll
- Pretending she could fill the role
- Of a catholic order.
- Her Easter points imparting
- A warning for the earth
- Of dangers when cows are farting.
That's what her gospel is worth.
We must flee her lawless way
That knows no rule save power alone,
Where all her cronies shout and say,
“You cannot leave. Obey! Obey!”
This is no church in which to stay.
Desolation's on the throne.
And Sin's embraced and flesh adored.
They are not brethren in the Lord
Who think no Sin must be atoned.

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