Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ozymandias' church

I met a Christian of the ancient creed
He said: A church once sound and orthodox
Stands in the city, decked with dust and weed,
Its windows dark and doors fixed with padlocks
And placard whose authority decreed
That parishes can never TEC depart,
And 'piscopal this church will always stay.
The narrow minds must chose to walk apart,
For those who stay must pay obedience due.
This Church will always make its point to say
To all of reasoned faith “We Welcome You”.
And silence reigned inside as in a grave
As pointless pulpit faced an empty pew.
Why come to churches if they will not save?

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Allen Lewis said...

Very pithy and to the point.

When you are on MCJ, you must remember to put in the line feeds "<" br">" yourself. That is just a quirk of the commenting software Mr. Johnson uses.

Allen Lewis